How to clean an Oven Perfectly

How To Clean An Oven Perfectly

Ovens are quite important appliances in the house. You realize that when you are craving some desserts and the oven lets you bake on within an hour or less. However, since they deal with so much food, they tend to get dirty and greasy.

While your dishes and other kitchen utensils get a daily cleanse- ovens do not. This is why you have to clean the oven occasionally when you notice a lot of dirt and grease in it. It does not just look ugly but it also ruins the flavor of dishes and the efficiency of the oven. So if you want your oven clean, then go through this article.

Let’s get on to how to clean an oven perfectly?

The Steps

  1. Remove everything from inside the oven. 

Starting from the oven racks to the thermometer, you have to keep the inside of the oven completely empty. Then, you have to clean the racks and the oven separately.

  1. Cleaning the racks. 

Take some warm water in a tub and mix dishwasher or a washing detergent with it. Then, soak the racks for a night. This will make the dirt hang loosely and also wash the grease away.

You just have to scrub a bit and dry the racks before putting them back in.

  1. Cleaning the inside of the oven. 

Firstly, you have to rub the inside of the oven with a towel or piece of cloth to clean whatever you can clean by rubbing away. This simplifies the next steps for you as the basking soda you are about to use will not get too messy with all the grease and solid food still within the oven.

Yes, you read that right- if you do not have an oven cleaner at home, it is baking soda you can use. Take about half a cup of baking soda and mix it with water slowly. You have to mix until you get a consistency that you can spread on the oven.

The next step is to wear a glove and spread rub the baking soda inside the over- every inch of it. Rub harder and work more on the more greasy/ dirty parts.

Then, you have to leave it like that for a night. On the next day, you can rub away the baking soda with a clean wet cloth. If it’s too stubborn then you can spray some vinegar on it, wait for it to form a foam, and then rub away.

  1. Cleaning the glass of the oven. 

You can use the same mixture of baking soda and water on the glass. Spread it on the inner side of the glass and leave it like that for half an hour. The only difference here is the length of time you keep it on the glass. Then rub it off with a wet cloth.

Finally, you now have an oven that may not be shining but it sure will be neat. It will feel smooth to your touch and bring out the best flavors of the dishes you cook. Furthermore, you may notice a reduction in the time required to bake dishes.

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